Celtic Data Services offers various digitising options all of which are thoroughly QC’d by experienced personnel before delivery to the client. The digitised data can be provided in LAS, ASCII or a client specific format.

Well Log Digitising

  • We can digitise all well logs from various vintages.

Mud Log Digitising

  • We can digitise drilling data (ROP), gas curves, chromatography curves which are recorded during mud Logging.

Lithology Digitising

  • We can digitise lithology columns.

Dip-meter Digitising

  • Dip-meter data can be digitised and contains Angle (0 > 90 deg) and Direction (0 > 360 deg).


  • We are able to verify the digital data from a third party by overlaying the data onto the relevant image. If required we can edit the data to match the image. The Overlay image can be provided for clients to use as a visual QC, this is available in various formats such as tif, jpg or pdf along with any modified data in LAS format.

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