Heather Hewitt – Director/Founder

Heather joined Robertson Research International in 1992 working in the Petroleum Data Management Department supervising log digitising and processing on the UKCS and NPD HQLD projects.

Heather then progressed to the formation evaluation team, working on numerous regions around the world, specialising in the UKCS and Norway and in addition involved in NDR projects in the Middle East and the Netherlands.

For over twenty five years Heather has gained skills working in various roles dealing with numerous aspects of well log data types including Petrophysical Log Evaluation, Well Log Processing, Digitising, Data Capture and Quality Control.

Adam Jones – Director/Founder

Adam joined Robertson Research in 1992 as a well log processor, Robertson was subsequently acquired by Fugro and then CGG. Over the years Adam has learned the trade progressing to well log analysis Involved with the formation evaluation of wireline logs (lithological, petrophysical and fluid analysis interpretations) and project management.

Adam has worked in various countries such as Norway, Oman, Qatar, Australia and Brunei. During this time he has worked on numerous projects with varying roles. These range from being an on-site representative based in the PDO offices in Muscat to overseeing the provision of physical and digital data services for the development of a hydrocarbon data Centre for the Energy Department in Brunei.

Andrew Williams – Director/Founder

Andrew joined Robertson Research International in 1989 and trained as a cartographer, then in 1992 Andrew joined the fledgling Petroleum Data Management Department within Robertson log digitising on the NPD HQLD project going on to log processing and log scanning supervisor.

In 1993 Andrew became assistant Manager of the Well Data Transformation department and also spent some time working in Mumbai, India setting up the operations team for Fugro Data Solutions. Then by 1994 Andrew became the Manager of the Well Data Transformation group ensuring the smooth running of all operations in the UK and India and also doing overseas marketing trips and seeing the team through transitions from Fugro through to CGG.

In April 2020, Andrew, Adam Jones and Heather Hewitt set up Celtic Data Services Limited.


Our logo is based on a Celtic symbol called a triqeutra, it’s formed by 3 overlapping arcs and in this example the circle emphasises the unity of the three parts representing the three co-founders, all of which have a Welsh background.